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Almost Forgotten Volume 2; The Search for Aviation Accidents in Northumberland

ISBN 978-0-9934123-0-1

Following his introductory work covering his research into aircraft accidents in the north-east of England (Almost Forgotten), Chris Davies here continues his epic investigation in Volume 2.

The hallmarks of his earlier work are still very much to the fore: like all good detective story writers, he gives the reader a wealth of detail. And there are also the traditional red-herrings, contradictions and dead ends, all of which he painstakingly sifts through to arrive at logical conclusions that inevitably give the reader the same sense of achievement and satisfaction as the author himself clearly enjoys.

In reading his work one is invited to journey with him, experiencing the highs and lows, the early starts, the muddy fields, the false trails, dashed hopes, and frustrations of every kind.  It is this very individual blow-by-blow narrative style that brings home the sheer scale of his self-imposed mission, his search for the historical truth.

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