You’ll find here a number of files which you can download. Any donation towards the costs of providing these downloads would be very welcome.

Be aware that some of the files are quite large!


Old Town plans. These are from John Wood’s atlas of around 1820.

Alnwick  Berwick  Hexham  Morpeth

WW2 Military Cassini maps. These were created in 1940, for use in case of invasion. They were based on the existing OS maps, with the Cassini military grid system added.

Alnwick area  Hexham area  Holy Island area

The following military map is more recent and the grid is the modern OS grid.

Newcastle area

Old OS maps. These are copies of 1960s maps which are now out of copyright.

OS 64 – Berwick  OS 70 – Jedburgh  OS 71 Alnwick  OS 76 – Carlisle  OS 77 – Hexham  OS 78 – Newcastle