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Edge of Empire; A Guide to the Roman Remains in the Northumberland Landscape

ISBN 978-0-9927324-7-9

The Romans arrived in Northumberland around 80 AD and stayed for over 300 years. These remote lands became the Empire’s northern frontier.

Today, Northumberland has, perhaps, the densest concentration of Roman ruins in Britain, with the area around Hadrian’s Wall justifiably earning UNESCO World Heritage status.

Some of the Roman ruins are amongst the most visited historic sites in the country, but alongside these are many more sites that are less well known, less visited, and free to access.

This is a guide to the Roman remains that can be found in Northumberland. All the significant sites are covered, but most attention is given to those that are off the tourist trail.

The book has 44 pages, with 30 images, all in colour. It is priced at £5.50. Post and packing is free in the UK.

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An exposed section of Roman road in Northumberland.