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Registering book

Essential if you are wanting to sell your book through most booksellers

  • Issuing ISBN number from Wanney Books
  • Registering book with Nielson (database used by book sellers)

See www.nielsenbookdata.co.uk


Preparing Book for Printing

This depends on how much you expect to be able to do yourself.

You would need to ensure:

  • permission is obtained to use any copyrighted images
  • proof reading is carried out
  • Selecting best option for creating your book, depending on what “look” you are wanting to create
  • Simple books can be created in MS Word
  • More complex layouts will need a Desk Top Publishing system


  • Preparing electronic document from your input
  • Preparing “print files” from the final electronic document
  • Designing and preparing cover for book
  • This is best done in Desk Top Publishing
  • Obtaining and including ISBN barcode
  • Registering book cover with Nielson


You will need to pay for the costs of printing before the go-ahead to print can be given

  • Identifying the printer for your book
  • This partly depends on the print run you are thinking of
  • Getting a quotation for the printing work
  • Obtaining bound proof copy
  • Obtaining final books

5% of print costs

(min £10, max £50)

  • Obtaining reprints with no changes
  • This is more likely to be required when opting for small orders by Print on Demand

5% of print costs

(min £10, max £40)

Selling Your Book

You can take on all aspects of this yourself if you prefer

  • Adding your book to www.wildsofwanney.co.uk with your address for ordering


  • Adding your book to www.wildsofwanney.co.uk together with PayPal payment option
  • Posting books ordered through “wilds of wanney”

NOTE: Any sales through the website will need to be P&P free to the buyer

Selling fees and P&P at cost plus 10% of cover price per order

  • Sending books for review in local newspapers and journals
  • Sending book for review by local book distributor
  • This is totally dependent on the distributor and whether they see the book as one that they can sell

P&P at cost plus 10% of cover price per review submitted

We are based in Alnwick, Northumberland. Following on from our experiences as a publisher, getting our own books into print, we might be able to help you do the same with your book idea. It can be less expensive than you think. The table below lays out the main steps that need to be taken and some costs. The total cost, of course, depends on how much work there is to do and on the costs of printing. It is possible to get a small book into print for less than £200.

Get in touch - we might be able to help.