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Most Secret: Uncovering the Story of Northumberland’s Underground Resistance - the Auxiliary Units of WW2

ISBN 978-0-9927324-9-3

The history of the Second World War is full of extraordinary stories of courage, ingenuity and sacrifice. It was a period of “total war”, when the men and women of Britain were called on to carry out the most incredible tasks, but one of the most astonishing was that of the Auxiliary Units.

But who and what were these Auxiliaries?

They were a group of men and women who volunteered, in the event of a successful enemy landing, to stay behind enemy lines and carry out sabotage and espionage in order to help push the invaders back into the sea.

Kept secret for so many years, it is only recently that their story has emerged.

The book has 40 pages, with 20 images, of which 14 are in colour. It is priced at £5.50. Post and packing is free in the UK.

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One of the underground bases from which the Auxiliary Units operated in Northumberland.

[MOST SECRET] was, until 1942, the UK’s highest security classification. It was changed to Top secret to align with the system used by the USA.