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Zeppelins Over the North East

The airship raids of WW1 between the Tweed and Tees

ISBN 978-0-9927324-5-5

This book tells the story of the Zeppelin airship raids on the North East of England during WW1 and of the air defences which were introduced to counter this threat. From the first raid on 14th April 1915 to the last 13th March 1918, each one is covered.

Initially the air defences were totally unprepared, but the RFC gradually developed its methods which forced the Zeppelins to fly ever higher. On the 27th November 1916, a Zeppelin was destroyed over Hartlepool.

The book has 40 pages, including 18 images and is priced at £4.50. Post and packing is free in the UK.

Some useful links to websites:

North East Aviation Museum - based on the site of RAF Usworth, which was previously Hylton airfield, used by the RFC during WW1.

Zeppelin L9 West Sleekburn Blyth Wallsend Newcastle Choppington L10 Hebburn Willington Quay SkinningroveL11 Seaham Cramlington Middlesborough Port Clarence L22 Berwick L16 Bishop Auckland L30 L13 L14 L31 Whitley Bay Wingate Kelso Seaton Carew South North Shilelds Jarrow MarsdenSound Mirrors SL11 L32 L33 L34 L35 L36 Tyne Backhall Castle Eden Ian Pyott BE2c 36 Squadron BE12 BE2e FE2b Ashington Cramlington L55 Whitby Hartlepool Hylton

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